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Wedding Menu

We are proud to present our current menus for your consideration.
We also relish the opportunity to work with you in creating unique or themed menus for your special event.
Our team has developed a great depth of experience in catering to clients who appreciate
professionalism, quality food, creativity and engaging staff…

White Gloved Butler Style Hors D’oeuvres

Mini French Quiche Assortment
Homemade Italian Bruchetta Crostini
Tortilla Española Pintxo topped with Roasted Peppers Confit
Mini Potato Latkes served with Our Homemade Apple Sauce
Herbs and Vegetable stuffed Mushrooms Tempura
Triangles Potato Pastels


Assorted Sushi Flavors
Authentic Peruvian Ceviche Cocktail
Classic Tuna Tartare Tarts
Coconut Crusted Tilapia Loins with Mango Salsa
Thai Faux Crab Cakes with Coconut and Macadamia Pesto
Mini Russian Blinis with Horseradish Cream and Smoked Salmon

Grilled Baby Chicken Satay served with Thai Peanut Sauce
Honey Coconut Chicken Brochettes
Royal Moroccan Chicken Pastilla
Black & White Sesame Chicken Cracklings
Chicken Lollipops with Mango Chutney

Argentinean Beef Empanadas with our Signature Chimichurri Sauce
Assorted Canapes from our Deluxe Collection
Petite Beef Wellington with Wild Mushroom Aioli
Miniature Beef Franks in a Blanket with Honey Mustard
Grilled Beef Kabobs Marinated in Cumin Seed Infused Oil
Grilled Beef Brochettes with Teriyaki Glaze
Middle Eastern Caravan of Homemade Beef Kubbeh
Morrocan Cigars with Tahini Dip
Mini Meatballs with Raspberry Balsamic Barbecue Sauce
Beef Pastrami wrapped Dates with Cantaloupe Sauce
Beef Koftas and Cinnamon Lollipops with Parve Tzatziki Sauce
Baby Lamb Chops with Mint and Parsley Sauce [Market Price]

Elegant Buffet Style Stations

To enhance your cocktail reception, consider adding our famous stations to please the eye as well as the palette! All Stations are set with tasteful décor using various height, dimension, and tapestries reflecting the style and texture of the cuisine being served.

Caribbean Station
Jerk Chicken Satay served with Passion Fruit and
Mango Chili Lime Sauce
Plantain Chips with Mango and Papaya Salsa
Chilled Roasted Skewered Vegetables with Sweet Coconut Glaze
Caribbean Fruit Salad

Fruit Station
The health conscious will rejoice over a bright and inviting fruit and vegetable spread including a vast array of nature`s best exotic, tropical selections as well as Homemade Yogurt Parfaits Shots

Tango Argentina Station
Be part of a cavalcade through The Pampas by enjoying from our
hand-selected prime provisions grilled to perfection.
Individual portions of Pepper-Crusted Prime Rib, Skirt Steak, and Chicken accompanied by a vast array of our Signature Chimichurri Sauce

Sushi Station
Delight with a marvelous array of this exquisite Japanese culinary jewel, offering the finest of the sea including: Yellow Tail Tuna, Smoked and Fresh Salmon, Faux Crab, Faux Shrimps, and Faux Sea Scallops transformed into Nigiri, Sashimi and Temaki rolls, combined with Exotic Vegetables, Indigenous Rice Varieties and the Nippon Trio: Wasabi, Soy Sauce and Pickled Ginger

Oriental Station
Experience world renowned Chinese Culinary Delights through our
hand-hammered woks, enriching your senses and gusto with Stir Fry Beef, Poultry, Vegetables, Woodland Delicacies and the Asian universal staples of Fried Rice and Noodles, combined with ancient and Contemporary Sauces and Glazes

Romantic Venice Station
Enjoy an Attractive Gastronomic Exhibit of Traditional Homemade Raviolis with Mushroom Melange, Penne Primavera, and Fargalle Pomodori served with your choice of Traditional Sauces

Viva España Station
Launch into a Fascinating Sojourn through the rich variety of the Traditional Iberian Cuisine with our Irresistible Tapas including:
Chicken Paella Casserole, Petite Galician Empanadas,
Spanish Omelets with Roasted Peppers Pintxo (Tortilla Española)

From the Sultan Palace Station
Satisfy your senses bringing alive the elegant and aromatic food of the Moroccan Cuisine with our splendid combination of Sweet Fruits, Nuts, and savory flavors of Spiced Meats and Vegetables,
Inspiring our exquisite selections of Golden Kefta Briouats, Chicken Pastilla, Royal Couscous
with Miniature Vegetables and Grilled Kebabs

Shalom From Jerusalem Station
Discover our tempting dishes, part of a culinary tradition
that spans thousands of years, including the following homemade delights:
Hummus, Fire Roasted Eggplant Babaganoush, Tahini,
Israeli Salad, and Pickled Vegetables
Pita Bread Pockets and our mouthwatering Falafel Balls

Starter Salads

Green Goddess Bouquet
Field Greens wrapped in a Cucumber Slice Crown, topped with fresh Strawberries, Mandarin Oranges, Toasted Almonds and our Homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette

Classic Nicoise
Fine lettuce leaves tossed with Baby Potatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, French Green Beans, Hard Boiled Eggs, Nicoise Olives, Onion Confit, White Tuna Flakes and Red Wine Vinaigrette.

Salade De Provence

Peppery Arugula served with Grilled Eggplant and Sliced Zucchini,
Tomato Confit, and a Persillaide Aioli

Classic Caesar Salad

Hearts of Romaine Lettuce, Garlic Croutons and Cherry Tomatoes
Served with Classic Caesar Dressing

La Mexicana
A medley of Tomatoes, Chiles, Cucumbers, Black Beans and Sweet Corn served in a Tortilla Shell with a Cilantro and Lemon Vinaigrette

Baby Spinach accompanied by Roasted Red Beets, Poached Pears, and Caramelized Pecans with a Champagne Vinaigrette

Variety of International Salads
Artichoke and Baby Corn Salad, Eggplant and Vegetables Salad, Israeli Salad,
Coleslaw, Fried Eggplant Salad, Cucumber Salad, Avocado Salad, Whole Eggplant with Tahina, Cherry Tomatoes Basil, Hearts of Palm Salad, Babaganoush, Tabouley, Mushroom Salad, Tahina, Oriental Cabbage, Beet Salad, Hummus, Chick Peas Salad, Carrot Salad, Matbucha,
Potato Salad, Roasted Pepper Salad, Roasted Jalapeño, Waldorf Salad

Main Entrée

Selections from our Fish, Chicken and Beef Menus

Fish Entrées

Herb Crusted Filet of Salmon
Fresh Salmon with a Delicious Lemon Sauce

Moroccan Style Salmon
Fillet of Salomon with Diced Red and Green Peppers, Topped with Fresh Cilantro

Salmon Baklava
Topped with Pistachio, Honey, and Clove Wrapped In Phyllo

Salmon Teriyaki
Fresh Grilled Fillet of Salmon Teriyaki Served with a Teriyaki Glaze

Macadamia Crusted Florida Grouper
Served with a Creamy Béarnaise Sauce

Coconut Crusted Mahi Mahi
Filled of Mahi Mahi Topped with Macadamia Nuts and Coconut Sauce

Grilled Red Snapper
Fillet of Red Snapper Topped With Garlic, Cilantro, and Lime Sauce

Chicken Entrees

Coq Au Vin
Young Chicken Braised in a Reduction Red Wine
With a Classic Mirepoix Sauce

Chicken Fricassee Forestiere
Young Chicken Braised in a Reduction of White Wine,
Served with a Wild Mushrooms Melange

Chicken Supreme Wellington
Chicken Breast Medallions Crowned with Shallots & Mushrooms Duxelle,
Wrapped on Millefeuilles Dough
Served with Perigordine Sauce (Infused Black Truffle Demi-Glacé)

Chicken Supreme Henry IV
Sautéed Chicken Breast Medallions with Artichokes Bottoms
Served with a Creamy Béarnaise Sauce

Chicken Marsala Open Ravioli
Open Homemade Ravioli Stuffed with
Chicken Scallopini Braised in Marsala Wine

Chicken Supreme Napoleon
Grilled Chicken Supreme Topped with Layers of Vegetables
Marinated with Herbs the Provence,
Served with a Roasted Tomato Coulis

Eden Cornish Hen
Roasted Cornish Hen Marinated with a Beer & Thyme Infusion,
Served with Caramelized Pearl Onions

Eden Cordon Bleu
Chicken Breast Filled with Fresh Spinach and
Roasted Red Bell Pepper

Beef Entrées

Brisket or Minute Steak
Roasted Filet Steaks Served with a Rich Red Wine and
Mushrooms Sauce

Brisket Delight
Roasted Brisket in Dried Plum-Brandy Reduction with
Plums, Apricot and Red Cherries

Grilled Sirloin Medallions
Garlic Rubbed Medallions, Served with Roasted Shallot
Demi-Glace or a Pommery Mustard Sauce

Grilled New York Strip
Served with Natural Jus, and Sautéed Mushrooms

Grilled Rib Eye
Marinated for 24 Hours and Served with Caramelized Onions


Basmati Rice* Israeli Couscous* Quinoa
Duchesse Potato * Rosemary Roasted Red Potato * Baked Sweet Potato
(The chef will also select the season’s freshest vegetables to complement your menu)

Sweet Ending

La Crème Brûlée
Traditional Vanilla Crème Brûlée

Chocolate Soufflé
Richly complex bittersweet chocolate
Served fresh out of the oven
With scoop of vanilla ice cream

Warm Brandied Apples in a Beggars purse
On a bed of Carmel Sauce

Chocolate Dipped Pastry Cup Filled with Vanilla Ice Cream

Trio of Chocolate Tulip Shells
Filled with a Mélange of Berries

Kiwi and Raspberry Coulees

Individual Multi Berry Fruit Tart
With Almond Crème

Fresh Apple Strudel Made with Shaved Coconut and Fresh Strawberries
On a Bed of Cream Englaise And Raspberry Coulee
Decorated with a Fanned Strawberry

Chocolate Tower
Filled with Layers of Coffee Flavored Cream
And Dark Chocolate Cake
On a Bed of Raspberry Sauce Sprinkled with Fresh Berries

Pears Poached in Sweet Burgundy Wine
Coated with Chocolate & Almonds
Served on Bed of Crème Englaise and Fresh Berry Garnish

Additional Enhancements

Wedding  Cake

Personalized your Cake in a Variety of Styles & Flavors

Viennese Table

Always a great finish to a perfect evening!

An Amazing Display Of Assorted Fresh Baked Cakes
French Pastries, Petite Fours, Cream Puff, Walnut Rum Balls
Mini Fruit Tarts, Sliced Tropical Fresh Fruits and more…

International Coffee and Cordial Station

Espresso & Cappuccino Accompanied by Cinnamon, Rock Sugar Sticks, Chocolate Shavings and Assorted Gourmet Flavors

Crepe Station

Guests Choice of Crêpes Made to Order

With Assorted Toppings of

Sliced Bananas, Sliced Strawberries, Walnuts and Chocolate Sauce

Popcorn Bar

The Perfect Way to Create A One-of-a-Kind Gourmet Popcorn Experience
Choose Any Three Flavors
Salt, Butter, Cheesy, Sour Cream n’ Onion,
Crunchy Chewy Caramel, Cinnamon Crisp and Chocolate Drizzle

Chocolate Fountain
weddings menu
Chocolate Lovers! This is For You!!!

Premium Belgian Chocolate Fountain
Set Among a Selection of Strawberries, Bananas,
Pineapple, Assorted Cookies, Pretzels,
Marshmallows and Mini Cream Puffs

Candy Bar

A Candy Bar is Fun & Popular with Guests of All Ages

Variety of Candies are Presented in Beautiful Glass Jars
With “Take with You” Boxes (Can be Personalized)
Guests Will Take a Box of Sweets Back to Their Table,
Or Take Their Candy Home as a Party Favor

Elegance In Ice

wedding caterers

Select your Personalized Work of Art for Display at the Reception

Martini Ice Sculpture Bar

Your guests will be in awe of the size and stature
of these beautiful and functional creations
Great personal monograms innovations
can be utilized throughout your ice bar
Select your Three Favorite Flavors:
Apple, Melon, Orange, Mango, Pineapple,
Chocolate, Espresso, Vanilla, & Cinnamon