Henna Fiesta

Henna Party

he ceremony is performed about a week before the wedding and symbolizes the bittersweet separation of the young bride from her family.

The henna ceremony, once celebrated primarily by Jews from Morocco and Yemen, has grown in popularity in Israel. Nowadays more young Sephardi and Ashkenazi brides in the United States are also honoring this colorful practice.

The henna ceremony takes place toward the end of the party. The oldest member of the family, usually the grandmother, spreads henna on the palms of the bride and groom. Guests are sometimes encouraged to spread henna on their palms afterward as a symbol of good luck.

Sample Menu

Basket of Assorted Fancy Rolls & Salads Pre-Set on the Table

First Entrée:

Mushroom and Potato Bourekas

Puff pastry filled with Mushrooms and mashed Potato
With Creamy Mushrooms Sauce

Moroccan Style Fish

Fillet of Tilapia or Salmon with Diced Red and Green Peppers
Topped with Fresh Cilantro and Classic Sauce


Herb Crusted Filet of Salomon

Fresh Salmon with a Delicious Lemon Sauce

Main Entrée:

Chicken with Olives

Baked Chicken with Green Olives and Lemon

Beef Delight

Roasted Minute Steak in Dried Plum-Brandy Reduction with
Plums & Apricot


Variety of Skewers, to consist of:

Sizzling Steak Teriyaki, Shish Kabob,
Baby Chicken and Grilled Veggie,
Accompanied with Chimichuri Sauce


Layers of Phyllo Leaves Stuffed with Chicken Breast, Sliced Almonds,
Raisins and Exotic Spices

Side Dishes:

Moroccan Cuscus with Veggie
String Beans Almandine
Grilled Veggie


Traditional Homemade Moroccan Cookies
Fresh Moufletas & Shfins
Fresh Seasonal Fruits