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Wedding Picture Locations

Are you getting married at Eden Regal Ballroom? Let us recommend to you a few places for your wedding pictures.
We often get asked where to take wedding photographs. So, we decided to write a blog on the subject, and give you some ideas for beautiful locations in our facility where you can get your family and loved ones photographs.

Are you ready for your wedding ceremony? How about the pictures, have you thought about it? Well, we have all figured out for you. Here are the spots we highly recommend for your wedding pictures:

Eden’s Garden will give you a fantastic background

The Sanctuary offers an elegant and sacred atmosphere for weddings. Its high ceilings, stained glass windows and prominent altar create an inspiring background

Our Chic Bar with European Crystals for modern background

Under the traditional Chuppah

In the Ballroom… Our breathtaking crystal chandelier, Sleek White draping, and LED lights with the color of your choice, for elegant background

Just like in Hollywood…Red Carpet!

In the Lobby

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